Sunday, March 7, 2010

Tomato planting time!

I don't know if it's late or early for getting my tomatoes started. I always forget the dates that I planted them the year before. Last year I even went so far as to write everything down... who knows where that paper is... ha.

A couple things I wanted to mention. Everyone I've seen uses different mediums to start their seeds in. Some like sunshine mix, some use seed starting mix... I like to use dirt. When I say dirt, I mean that I like to use something heavy, dark, and something that's easy to get AND keep moist. All of those seed starting mixtures out there are mostly sphagnum moss. That stuff is a pain in the butt to get wet for the first time. Last year I had to put a bunch into the wheelbarrow and dump some water in and mix it around forever until it soaked up the water.

This year I'm just using a Miracle Grow potting soil. Yeah, most people probably wouldn't use it... it has weird stuff in it... and fertilizer but you know what? When I'm planting this many tomatoes, I'm going to do what's easy and I know this stuff works. Probably better than all that sphagnum moss, at least in my opinion.

Today I planted 144 seeds. Here's the rundown:

36 Paul Robeson (true seed)
18 Tasty Evergreen
18 Red Zebra
18 Gold Medal
18 Yellow Mortgage Lifter
18 Nyagouos
18 Japanese Trifele

I still have all my Uncles seed to plant as well as some more Paul Robeson that I saved from my own tomatoes last year. I wanted to see if they might be a bit different since they were packed in with some other tomatoes. It'd be cool to see some crossbreeding going on with that one.

My wife and I have been real busy with life in general so I haven't had much time to post. Work picked up, a lot! And it's rare to get a day off that you don't work or plans doing something else. I'm still trying to get lined up to do some of the things I talked about in the previous post.

Hope everyone is well... and yes I know I have 'ham hands'



  1. Love the new video format...nice fades and everything!! The most riveting moment is around 2:49 into the movie where you appear to be watching your little tomatoes Oscar moment, for sure. I want to see some mutant veggies this year!
    -Uncle W.

  2. ha... that riveting moment was me trying to decide what to plant next. I don't have enough space or seedling flats. I would love to turn more of the yard to garden, and am doing away with most of the 5 or 6ft wide trail in the middle of the garden to free up some more space. Tomatoes are so expensive at the store, and they don't taste good. Even if I planted 400 + tomato plants, that would only come out to 20 dollars in seed.

  3. I agree with video! Nice to see that all your snow has finally melted. Glad you are having fun in the dirt:)

  4. Honey,
    This is so hilarious! You're sister is going to love it, she'll be jealous of all the juicy ripe tomatoes to be....
    Did anyone notice the phantom person in the upper righthand corner swinging????