Sunday, April 17, 2011

An Update

I hate to admit it but I'm horrible at keeping the tomato blog going ha! After the first ripe tomato every year, I just stop posting!

I'm about to transplant some tomato plants that's I've got going from seed. They've been out of the ground for about 3 weeks now and look pretty good. The varieties this year are Cherokee Purple, Black Krim, Black Cherry, Sweet100, Yellow Ox Heart, Old German, Paul Robeson, and Yellow Mortgage Lifter.

The Garden has already been planted in Sugar Snap Peas, Green Beans, an heirloom Lettuce, some Spinach, and 20 Broccoli Plants. Most of that was planted a week ago today so hopefully I'll be seeing something coming up soon! I plan on planting some watermelon as well and really trying hard to create a monster, I want something over 70 pnds this year!

In other news, I've been dreaming for a couple months now about brewing beer. I just have to do it. I also decided to plant some Hops used in brewing. Go figure, only I would plant hops before ever trying to brew beer but what the heck?

Hope all is well with family and friends. Will try and keep you updated on the gardens progress as well as some changes we hope to make around the homestead soon!