Monday, February 1, 2010

So I can't stop myself...

So today I went to throw away the envelope that my Uncle sent me seeds in and realized there was one more little bag of tomato seed I didn't even see. A variety called Boxcar Willie! I've seen this variety a number of times and now I get to try it out.

That compounded with the fact that I ordered more seed today means that I have a real problem. A bunch of plants that I want to have - vs - not that much space to plant them. I'll definitely have to figure something out.

I added to my original list which brings the total so far to:

Paul Robeson (the favorite)
Boxcar Willie
Gold Medal
Black Krim
Yellow Oxheart
Yellow Mortgage Lifter
Lemon Boy
Better Boy
Green Zebra
Red Zebra
An organic Tasty Evergreen
Japanese Black Trifele
and Nyagouos (another purple/black variety)

So my list is growing. I don't want it to really but I can't help myself. I'm going to need to talk to someone about some land ha!

I hope to update from here on out weekly and plan on doing some how/to posts including but not limited to:

How to make your own salad boxes
How to make your own seed starting/growing shelves complete with lights.

Hope everyone is well.