Sunday, March 28, 2010

Tiller Time!

Well, it's about that time to break out the ol' EconoHorse Tiller I inherited from Grafton. The thing just keeps on truckin'. I tilled the leaves under last Saturday and the garden didn't look as nice as I'd hoped it would but that's just because there's so many leaves in some spots and less leaves in others. Today I tilled the garden again and it looks a bit better this time. I'm thinking it's going to need 3 or 4 more tills before it's ready for my plants.

I also planted some more stuff last Sunday. I planted some more tomatoes. Black Krim, Yellow Brandywine, Boxcar Willie, some more Paul Robeson that I saved myself from last year, some Green Zebra, and Orange Oxheart were started and I see they're just now peaking through the soil. That makes my list look like this:

Paul Robeson (true seed)
Tasty Evergreen
Red Zebra
Gold Medal
Yellow Mortgage Lifter
Japanese Trifele
Black Krim
Yellow Brandywine
Orange Oxheart
Boxcar Willie
Paul Robeson (Chris's mix)
Green Zebra

I also planted some Peppers... a Giant Yellow Monster bell pepper, and another sweet pepper called Macaroni.
I found some seed I saved from a huge watermelon I planted a couple years ago called Carolina Cross, and added to that with a couple plantings of Kolbs Gem and Moon and Stars. I don't have very good luck for some reason planting the Watermelon seed inside as I think it needs higher soil temperatures to get going but we'll see what happens.

So anyway, I tried to make a quick video that highlights the ol' EconoHorse... My movie making skills leave a lot to be desired though ha.


  1. The power, the sleek styling, the get-up-and-go muscle, the turn-on-a-dime handling!! (No, not your tiller...I'm talkin' about your dog!)

    These films make me laugh out loud. Keep 'em comin'!