Monday, May 31, 2010

So, I need to update!

My Tomatoes are doing great! The ground is still moist from the rain we recently received and the weeds that I thought wouldn't come up are starting to come up. I've been busy doing other things though, which hasn't left me a lot of time to Tomato Out!
I'm about to grab the camera now and go out to take some pictures. I've got some pictures from one week ago so we'll be able to compare and see how fast everything is going in the garden.

On a total side note, since I uploaded some pictures from my phone, I figured I'd talk about what we did at work this week ha! We built a house 3 or 4 years ago down on the beach here in Maryland. The house turned out lovely and is seriously only one of only areas in our part of the state that actually has a real beach. It's a lot on the Potomac River.

Anyhow, we went back this past week to do a little fun construction. The couple that own the house have a pier but you have to walk quite a distance through sand to get to it. They wanted a walkway from the house to the pier with a deck built in between to entertain guests. The walkway from the house and deck itself are covered in that new fiberon material and hooked to the framing using the clips so there is no nailing or screws that show once it's done.

So I guess the long and the short of this story is that we actually drove pilings into the sand all the way from the house to the pier, and attached our framework to those pilings. We drove four 12 ft pilings down near the deck. Originally the homeowners wanted a little roof made on top, somewhere where they could keep their BBQ Grill. My mind started working as we went thinking "what good is a grass thatched roof if you don't have a bar under it? :)" The homeowners agreed and we decided to turn the 'grillin' spot' into a bar. As we decided on how it was going to be we all talked about how cool it would be (albeit crazy) to use the stern of a real boat for the actual bar! The next thing I know the homeowner shows up with the back of a boat on the trailer. Apparently one of the marinas close by was about to burn the whole boat for their 4th of July celebration.

A little grass on the roof, some small walls of treated lumber and rolled bamboo, the stern of a boat... looks like a great place to hang out on a lazy day, huh?

The boat isn't totally connected to the bar frame yet as the homeowner wants to refinish the back of the boat. Everything is still in the stern, rodholders, exhaust holes, gas cap, cleats... it's awesome! Hopefully I'll get invited back for the opening party!

So, here we go with some pictures of the garden. First a couple pictures from last week. Friday to be exact. It's been 9 days in between the pictures. Hard to believe...

Now, this week

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  1. Okay, "little buddy", if I ever go on a "three hour tour", I'm takin' you with me! Awesome hut have officially started a trend for your building crew...word WILL spread!

    Nice 'maters, too...keep the photos comin'!
    -Uncle W