Sunday, June 6, 2010

Another Quick Update on pictures...

 Everything is growing great. Still have not personally watered the garden but we've had some good thunderstorms in the evening that have brought a lot of water to the tomatoes so I can't complain.
Still shocks me at how fast everything grows.

Some of the older cages are short... like 3 1/2 ft tall. Too short, it seems, to hold back the power of the tomatoes. I put all the short cages at the back of the garden as that is usually where the tomatoes don't grow very tall. That doesn't seem to be the case this year so I'm going to have to invest in a couple tall steel stakes and run some twine in a weave pattern between them to hopefully support the tomato plants as they come out of the tops of the cages. There are many examples of different types on the internet so I'll show you what I come up with next week. Whatever I do, it needs to be quick as they are at the top and ready to come out.

Here are some pictures. First I'll repost the two pictures of just the garden so you can get an idea of how fast everything is growing.

                                                                              May 21

                                                                               May 31

                                                                              June 6th

Here is a picture of what I guess is a MegaBloom on my Tasty Evergreen. It looks like one stem that has 3 blooms that are all squished together... hopefully going to turn into a MegaTomato ha...

The beans I planted on the 21st of May seem to have come up well. The 6 or 7 tobacco/nicotina plants are as well as are the watermelon, squash and zucchini. I just planted some more basil and some cucumber and incorporated the piece of chainlink gate I have for my cucumbers to grow on.
Hope all is well with all of you.

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